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Whether you’re a badge-carrying vegan, or you’re still searching for answers, these 12 vegan YouTubers will help you learn a new recipe, pick up incredible plant-based tips or discover how to make easy sustainable swaps. 

Cheap Lazy Vegan

Cheap Lazy Vegan


Cheap Lazy Vegan started their channel in May of 2015 to share their thoughts and beliefs about veganism, alongside cheap, lazy, meals.  Rose was born in South Korea and moved to Canada when they were 8 years old. They’ve lived in various different places such as Italy, Singapore and the UK. 

They want to promote the vegan lifestyle in a way that allows people to understand that being vegan does not have to be difficult, expensive, unattainable or super time-consuming. 

Watch Cheap Lazy Vegan on YouTube. 

Rachel Ama

Rachel Ama


Rachel Ama’s shares their journey as they curate a growing insider's guide cherry-picking the best-loved natural beauty products, tips & tricks whilst sharing their amazing vegan recipes and food reviews!

They welcome everyone, whatever their food beliefs, to give the vegan life a go – preferably with the tunes turned up loud!

Watch Rachel Ama on Instagram.



Image: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLmKLk2symR/

Gaz Oakley worked as a professional chef for a number of years before going vegan 5 years ago. Using their culinary knowledge they will be bringing you unique and exciting vegan recipes every Sunday. 

They are now a published author of cookbooks, Vegan 100, Vegan Christmas & their latest book Plants Only Kitchen, which was released in 2020. 

Watch Gaz Oakley on YouTube. 

Madeleine Olivia

Madeleine Olivia

Image: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKweAWJJK7b/

Madeleine’s purpose of their platforms is  to inspire others to try their best as individuals to eat more vegan food, buy less stuff, live more sustainably and listen to less diet-culture nonsense. To love themselves, while loving the planet. 

They describe themselves like this: “I'm definitely not perfect, nor am I a lifestyle 'guru'. I'm just little ol' me, trying my hardest to be the best version of myself that I can be, all the while giving myself a break when I'm often not. I continue to grow and embrace change, remain true to my ethics and my beliefs, all the while attempting to help inspire others to do the same.”

Watch Madeleine Olivia on YouTube. 

Sustainably Vegan

Sustainably Vegan

Image: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLW_6ean1Of/

Immy is the creator of the YouTube channel Sustainably Vegan and environmental movement, The Low Impact Movement. They say they’re just a regular person who loves the environment and tries their best every day to lower their waste and live a low impact lifestyle.

Before becoming a full-time content creator they worked as a Storyboard Producer for a small agency in London, after having worked at a social impact charity that really shaped the way they approach their work. They love making their own homemade plant-based milks, swimming in lakes, and reading about anything and everything. 

Watch Sustainably Vegan on YouTube

Earthling Ed

Earthling Ed

Image: https://www.instagram.com/p/CP54ozBr3sZ/

Ed Winters is a vegan educator, public speaker and content creator, widely known for their viral debates, speeches, and video essays.

Ed Winters was scrolling the BBC news when the headline Hundreds of chickens killed in M62 lorry crash grabbed his attention. Ed thought to himself about how much pain these animals must be in, and about how much they were suffering. And then it dawned on them, the animals we eat have the capacity to suffer, and therefore they wish to live a life free from suffering. Their mind went to the fridge, inside which was a leftover KFC from his dinner the previous night.

And so at that moment, Ed faced an ultimatum, do they continue living in a way that causes suffering to animals and takes their life from them, or do they live in alignment with the values of being against animal cruelty and unnecessary suffering… That’s when he created his YouTube channel.

Watch Earthling Ed on YouTube 


Sweet Potato Soul


On Sweet Potato Soul you’ll discover hundreds of delicious and easy-to-make vegan recipes. They also share lots of cooking videos and healthy eating tips. 

Since Jennie became vegan these things have happened:

  • They discovered a new, exciting, and lucrative career path as a vegan chef, health coach, and cooking instructor.
  • They’ve become friends with the most compassionate and kind people.
  • Their terrible digestion became great.
  • Their acne cleared up, and their skin is now clear and glowing.
  • The clinical depression they were diagnosed with has dissipated, and they no longer rely on antidepressant drugs.
  • Their hormones and menstrual cycle found balance.
  • Their fatigue disappeared.

Jennie shares this and more on her YouTube channel. 

Watch SweetPotatoSoul on YouTube 

Mic The Vegan 

Mic the Vegan


Mic the Vegan is a vegan science writer that covers a variety of topics from the health effects of a vegan diet and the environmental impact of eating animal products to the sociological phenomenon of casual animal exploitation. 

They regularly tackle debunking the myths that perpetuate harmful dietary and lifestyle behaviours - all with a drop of humour!

Watch Mic The Vegan on YouTube.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts


Nutrition Facts is a strictly non-commercial, science-based public service provided by Dr Michael Greger, bringing you free updates on the latest in nutrition research via bite-sized videos. 

There are more than a thousand videos on nearly every aspect of healthy eating, covering every health subject you could imagine! 

Watch Nutrition Facts on YouTube.


Sauce Stache

Sauce Stache


Sauce Stache describes themselves as a do it yourself kind of guy, and when they see something that they want to try, If they can't get it, they’re going to make it, that’s how their YouTube channel was born. 

On Sauce Stache, you will try some new foods together, try weird food, and try to make some of the hardest, most impossible internet food trends. Sometimes they like to make something that they saw on a restaurant menu and sometimes they’ll just make something they're craving, but they’ll definitely entertain you all of the time! 


Watch Sauce Stache on YouTube.


World of Vegan 

World of Vegan


World of Vegan is your hub for the latest vegan recipes, news, trends, lifestyle content and more! Hosted by long-time vegan activist and filmmaker Michelle Cehn, their videos are both inspirational and fun, and often include special guests from the vegan community.

Watch World of Vegan on YouTube.


Lauren Vacula

Lauren Vacula

Image: https://www.instagram.com/p/CObk4zNL7R8/

Lauren shares their journey on YouTube, everything from how they live plant-based, to the internal work they do for change, to their travel diaries, to how they’re building a career around my mission. 

They share it in the hope that they will   connect with you and learn about what living a dream life means to you. 

You're now equipped with some of the finest vegan youtubers around, sure to inspire you on your journey. Don't forget to consider supplements as part of your vegan lifestyle to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.Omvits, offer a range of 100% plant-based, ocean-friendly, and sustainable multivitamins.

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