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  • January 11, 2022 4 min read

    Whether you’re going full in on Veganuary 2022, or you’d just like to swap out your meats to participate in Meatless Mondays, there is an endless list of meat alternatives for you to choose from when it comes to plant-based options.

    The meat-free market includes everything from stand-alone burgers and sausages to fully prepared plant-based meals, allowing you to duplicate practically any dish without harming animals.

    Read on to discover the best vegan meat alternatives to try this Veganuary. 

    Supermarket Own-Brands  

    If you’re a fan of the supermarket own-brand, there are tons of vegan options available in almost every supermarket, from Tesco’s Plant Chef to Co-Op’s GRO. 

    USwitch completed a study on the best own-brand vegan ranges, which showed Aldi’s Plant Menu being the cheapest supermarket range, with ASDA’s Vegan range in a close second. Looking at the ranges of options for vegan meals, ASDA is the winner, with a whopping 64 vegan products, with Morrisons a close second at 63. Although if you’re looking for vegan desserts, Morrisons is a clear winner with 11 options. 

    The cheapest meat substitute at the supermarket? Co-Op’s Crunchy Vegetable Burgers at £1.10 for 2 burgers. The perfect lazy vegan meal in our eyes. 


    For vegetarians and vegans, Quorn is practically a household name. They want to encourage people to eat healthy foods by creating delicious and tempting dishes that are jam-packed with flavour and exploding with new taste experiences from around the world.

    They aim to reduce the amount of packaging they use and make sure that as much of it as possible comes from renewable and recyclable sources. Quorn sells prepared meals such as lasagnas and pies, in addition to a large variety of meat-free options such as buffalo dippers, fish sticks, patties, chicken pieces, and steaks.

    Shop from Quorn now.  

    Beyond Meat

    Beyond believes that switching from animal to plant-based meat will positively impact four major global issues: human health, climate change, natural resource restrictions, and animal welfare. Their plant-based meats are thoughtfully prepared. By combining expert innovation with simple, non-GMO ingredients, they deliver the meaty experience you crave without compromise. 

    You'll find it hard to find a meal you can't imitate with their wide choice of imitation meats, including their famed Beyond Burger, which seems to be the favourite option for restaurants as their vegan burger, meatballs, sausages, beef, and beef crumbles. These burgers are also gluten and soy-free, as they are produced from pea protein that has been heated, cooled, and pressed to simulate meat.

    Buy from Beyond Meat now.  


    THIS is a slightly newer brand on the block, launching in early 2019, with a delicious range of plant-based meats, predominantly made from soybean protein, water and pea protein. Many people have commented that their signature product, THIS Isn't Bacon, tastes remarkably like real bacon, with vibrant colour, a rich, smokey flavour, and a delectable texture.

    They also sell chick'n nuggets, chick'n pieces, sea salt chick'n, tikka pieces, and pork-style cocktail sausages, which have received rave reviews such as “I had to double-check to make sure I wasn't eating chicken, this is good enough to pass off as chicken!” This is an excellent sign in our books.

    Buy from THIS now. 


    VBites was founded in 1993 (as the Redwood Wholefood Company) by activist Heather Mills and has evolved to become Europe's largest plant-based food maker. Mills said, “Although a practising vegan for many years, I realised that I missed the taste of burgers, pizzas and sausages and wished I could still have them. So I decided to begin developing and perfecting plant-based alternatives, and VBites was born. We now have over 140 products, and I’m so proud of what we have achieved.”

    VBites' objective is to provide all of the flavour and texture of meat, fish, and dairy products while avoiding the dietary, environmental, welfare, and sustainability issues associated with pastoral agriculture and fisheries. At VBites, you'll discover an alternative to almost anything, from 'chkn' goujons to 'beeph' mince.

    Shop from VBites now. 

    Meatless Farm

    The Meatless Farm was founded in 2016 by Morten Toft Bech when he became concerned about health, the environment, and animal welfare. He and his young family wanted to minimise their meat consumption but found a shortage of tasty plant-based solutions.

    Their team of chefs and nutritionists aren't just specialists; they're also passionate about creating excellent fresh-plant-based alternatives. They're always experimenting with new flavours and tastes, and they work with farmers all over the world to ensure they use the best ingredients. The plant-based beef collection from Meatless Farm comprises burgers and mince, while the pork range includes sausages, hot dogs, patties, and more.

    Buy from Meatless Farm now.

    The Tofoo Co

    Tofu, which is manufactured from soya beans, has grown in popularity in recent years, owing to its adaptability. While it can be eaten raw (we like to eat it right out of the fridge), it shines when seasoned or marinated with bold flavours like garlic, ginger, chilli, and lime. Unlike certain tofu variations, The Tofoo Co's does not need to be pressed before eating.

    While the company currently offers a variety of tofu options ranging from tempeh to flavoured chunky pieces, we're particularly fond of the smoked tofu, which is composed only of water, soya beans, nigari, and sea salt.

    Buy From Tofoo now. 

    Regardless of which plant-based meat brand you choose, vegan meats have a fraction of the environmental effect of meat produced by animals. It's good for you, and it's good for the environment.


    If you're interested in taking supplements or trying a new brand, then try us out, we're Omvits! We’re plant-based, ocean-friendly, with a sustainable ethos and we’re socially responsible… We’re not perfect, but we are trusted by thousands of happy customers around the world.

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