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Based on 152 reviews
Great product

Love these! No after taste and such a good idea that you offer refills !

Thank you for your review, Sarah! We're so glad to hear that you like our refill packs :)
Fantastic product

I've been using the D3, Omega 3 and B12 for the past few months now. I've even started recommending them to PT clients. Few other brands are testing heavy metals nor are they organic and NON GMO! Keep it up guys!

Thanks so much for your kind words and continued support, Kris. We really appreciate you :)

Vegan omega 3 capsules arrived quickly and safely! Excellent product- will definitely use omvits again.

Thank you for your review and support, Julie :)
Simple Omegas

I bought the large refill pack which I keep in the fridge. Nice easy way to maintain omega oils intake. Also very eco friendly and more body friendly than taking fish oil. Great if you find fish oils difficult to digest or causing allergies. Absolutely no problems with the algae based capsules.

Thank you for your review, Claire! :)
Omvit omega 3

Started using Omvits 100% vegan omega 3 instead of the usual fish oil supplements and I'm very happy I changed. No after taste and a extra feel good factor that I'm no longer contributing to the depletion of the oceans, definitely converted.

Hi Trevor. Thank your so much for your support and making a positive decision not to contribute to the destruction of marine wildlife!

Fast delivery and clever packaging. Good value for money, and easy for children to take as the capsules are small and odour free. Reject destroying ocean life. Buy these.

Thank you for your support and care for our oceans!
Love the vegan options

I always buy myOmega 3 from Omvits for competitive pricing and to be sure of getting a vegan product. These don't have any nasty taste (unless you let them get wet before taking them, so... don't). Always a quick delivery.

Thank you for your continued support, Adele! We'll be making even further improvements to our softgels very soon :)
Omvits review

I use Omega 3, Vit B12, Vitamin D. Excellent product and the delivery is quick and efficient and lovely packaging. And all vegan. Couldn't ask for more

Thank you for your kind words and review, Mr P :)

Vegan Omega 3 - Triple Refill

Omega 3

Great service, love the refill pack. No aftertaste

Thank you for your review, Joanna! We're very pleased to hear that you love the refill pack :)
Vegans will be pleased!

Really Good price for a genuine product.

Thank you for your review, Leila :)
Does what it says on the tin

The tablets are perfect for what is required and cheaper than it's main competitors so it's a thumbs up from me. Plus I really appreciated the fact all of the packing (including postal) was recyclable!

Thank you for your review, Helen! We went out of our way to ensure we used the most sustainable materials we could, so it's lovely to hear that you appreciate it :)
Pleased that ive gone Vegan

I've always taken omega 3. As time has gone on I've become more conscientious about where the supplements i take come from. My sister who is vegan, explained to me that its the algae that fish eat that give us the nutrients, not the fish! So with more and more evidence that our seas are being over farmed, and the fact that you might as well get that source of omega-3 directly from the algae, I switched. And i wont go back.
Omvits provide excellent customer service, they give you an option of buying multi-packs which is cost effective, and im doing my bit for the planet!
What's not to like.

Hi Sam - Thank you for your review! It's amazing when you learn where Omega-3 actually comes from and then fish oil makes no sense at all. Congrats on making the switch to toxin-free omega-3 and thank you for helping us on our mission to take on the fish oil industry :)
Fantastic product and completely natural

Few companies have such rigorous testing procedures as Omvits. The quality and purity is far ahead of other brands. Will continue to purchase!

Thank you so much for your kind words, Kris. We've worked really hard to make sure our products are the best they can be, so it's wonderful to hear that our efforts are appreciated :)
A great guilt-free direct source of Omega 3!!

So pleased with this product in terms of value for money, sipping/delivery and the capsules themselves - exactly what it says online and I would highly recommend to anyone who doesn't realise that you don't need to take smelly cod liver oil anymore. Welcome the plant-based revolution! :)

Thank you for your review, Kezia :) You're right... Nasty cod liver oil it totally unnecessary!
Plant Based Omega 3's - Healthy & Sustainable Choice

I'm hoping for the price to go down in the future, but the product itself is great. Love the big packaging. The price is still too high IMHO. Also; perhaps in the future, you could combine it with Iodine 150mcg & B12 100mcg to create a more affordable and complete Vegan solution... Fingers crossed, wishing you all the best. We are big fans of socially conscious businesses like Omvits.

Hi Tomas - Thank you so much for your review and support! We are absolutely looking to bring prices down in the future. As algae becomes adopted more widely as a source of omega-3, we hope the costs will come down, so we can make it even more affordable as a fish oil alternative. We are already really competitively priced compared to other brands, but there's always room for improvement. Also, thanks for the suggestion for a complete B12 and Iodine solution. We are indeed looking at adding more products to our range, so be sure to keep an eye out :)
Supporting sustainability.

Plant based Omega 3 supliments mean I and my family can move into a future supporting sustainability.

Thank you so much for your review and support! We really appreciate you :)
Omvits Omega 3

I have been taking these for a week now and am very happy with how I am feeling. It also pleases me that fish are not being harmed in any way. Also with the amount of plastic in the food chain I am content that I am not taking plastic!

Thank you for your review, Jennifer! There really is no reason to get omega-3 from fish when there is an option like algae available
No longer shopping around.

Best supplements, best price, best ethics. I buy in bulk.

Thank you Christopher - we really appreciate it!
Fabulous quality and value

Great vegan Omega 3. Better value then most for quality and price and the recycled packaging impressed me too.

Thank you for your review, Rebecca :)
Omega 3

This bundle of three Omega 3 is great value for money as well as the Omega 3 itself being so good

Great all rounder - tell a friend to tell a friend

This company is awesome. A friend shared it with me and I've used them ever since. A sustainable way to support and buy an omega product. I'm not buying from Amazon, I'm supporting a UK based company, and I'm personally benefiting from a high quality omega.

Hi Claire - Thank you so much for your review and for taking the time to find us directly. We really appreciate you :)
Very pleased with these vegan omega 3 capsules

These are easy to swallow unlike some fish oil capsules and since becoming vegan i wanted something new.

Hi Trish - Thank you so much for your review and congratulations on making the switch from fish oil! We (and the fishies) are very grateful :)
Recommended by my clinician.

Started using this product for a sinus related issue. So far all good but will now have to wait for blood tests to see if they are making a difference.

Thank you for your review, Robert :) Please do keep us posted on how things are progressing with your sinus problem.
Spot On

Been looking for a decent vegan Omega 3 for a while and finally found these. Generally feeling much healthier and in particular my leg aches and pains have all but vanished over the few weeks I have been taking them!

Hi Richard - Thank you so much for your review and letting us know about how they've benefitted you. It really motivates us to continue doing our best for our customers :)