COVID-19..."sorry the earth is closed for healing"

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Dear Customers,

Like most of the world, we are unsure of how events will unfold over the next few months. However, Covid-19 is teaching people that we're all connected to each other and if we don't collectively look after our planet, it won't be able to look after us. 

This blog post is to provide you with an update on our current business activities. Please follow us on social media if you want more regular updates... Instagram or Facebook.

We are children of the earth, in exactly the same way as all other species. Let's use this time to re-think the new ways we will choose to live, consume and use our time on earth. 

From the team at Omvits, 

Take care 💚

Business Update

  1. We are trying our best to get orders dispatched quickly whilst ensuring the safety of our team and maintaining clean premises
  2. We intend to keep running as smoothly as possible so you can get essential supplements and vitamins during this time.
  3. There is enough stock for everyone but orders over £150 will be reviewed to ensure our stock is fairly distributed (if you need to place bigger orders for a whole family or a business then please contact our team via
  4. Our team will be available to answer questions and support you like always 
  5. There may be shipping delays so please be patient with people

[Last updated 23-03-2020]

Tips to Boost Immunity

  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Exercise regularly in fresh air
  • Don't smoke or vape 
  • Avoid drinking or drink in moderation
  • Sleep well and take extra time to rest
  • Be in communication with someone if you are stressed
  • Keep your hands and surfaces clean
  • Don't cough or sneeze in the open
  • Maintain physical distance in public

Vitamin D & Multivitamins

Vitamin D is an extremely important vitamin as it supports the maintenance of immune system function. 

Your body is able to create its own vitamin D3 through exposure to sunlight. However, due to our increasingly indoor lifestyles and reduced sunlight during the winter months, many of us do not get sufficient vitamin D from the sun and need to get it through our diet.

The immune system has 3 main lines of defence comprising of epithelial barriers, cellular defence and antibodies in which vitamin C, vitamin D and the mineral zinc play a central role (source).

Our multivitamin formulation consists of 24 essential vitamins and minerals that include Vitamins C, D and the mineral Zinc which can support all-round good health and help boost your immunity. 

If you are interested in either of these products for yourself or your loved ones, then you can use these links to see our product pages... Vitamin D or Multivitamin

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