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  • The planet needs help now more than ever.

    We are on a mission to create sustainable and cruelty-free products, vitamins and minerals that really do make a difference, for people who care about the environment.

    the omvits wow

    We’re Omvits and like you, we’re a little different.

    We know that there’s a link between taking care of our planet and the people on it. So, we started Omvits with both in mind.

    Our range of ethical supplements are packed with cruelty-free ingredients and delivered to your door in sustainable packaging.

    Let’s work together and protect our planet for future generations. 

    Making waves since 2017

    Making waves since 2017

    The Omvits story began back in 2017 when Kev burst into Shameek and Shaunak’s office, filled with enthusiasm whilst exploring the world of sustainable nutrition.

    He had just discovered that Omega-3 originally comes from algae, not fish!

    Together they realised that this had the potential to make waves and bring an end to the use of fish oil around the world.

    Fired up, they pushed on to make the best sustainably sourced, cruelty-free supplements for people like them who care about the planet. 

    Omvits has always been inspired by nature, it’s part of our DNA.

    That’s why we consider the impact of every decision we make, from selecting ingredients right through to our packaging.

    We also love to work closely with charitable causes to ensure that our business benefits both the planet and the people on it.

    So yes, here at Omvits we are a little different because protecting your health and our planet means the world to us

    Welcome to the Omvits community… let's work together and make some waves!

    our promise

    we'll create the right products...

    we'll create the right products...

    We'll only develop products which are truly beneficial for people.

    We believe that most of our nutrients should come from our food - Omvits is just here to fill in the gaps.

    ...with the best ingredients...

    ...with the best ingredients...

    We'll do the research to make sure that our products contain nutrients in their most effective form - as close as possible to how they're found in nature and better than the animal-based alternatives!



    We believe that animal-based products are not sustainable for the future.

    All our products will be 100% vegan from sustainable sources and we'll select environmentally-friendly materials for our packaging.

    As seen in...
    our guiding principles

    our guiding principles

    Whether we're considering a new product, looking for ingredients or meeting a supplier, there are a set of principles that we will always stick to before making any decisions...

    Omvits & Vitamin Angels

    Malnutrition is the #1 cause of preventable child deaths... but we can help.

    This year, we've pledged to help provide vitamins to at least 1,000 children every month through Vitamin Angels

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