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Algae Oil vs Fish Oil vs Flaxseed

algae oil vs fish oil vs flaxseedFish Oil

algae oil vs fish oil vs flaxseedFlaxseed Oil

algae oil vs fish oil vs flaxseedAlgae Oil

Source of Omega 3 DHA
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
No fishy burps or aftertaste
Contaminant and toxin free
Heavy metal free
Allergen free
Sustainable & environmentally-friendly
Suitable for pregnant women
how ocean contaminants move up the food chain

Why does fish oil contain contaminants?

Unfortunately, our oceans are highly polluted. Contaminants like PCBs (chemicals from the manufacture of electronics), Mercury (a poisonous heavy metal) and Dioxins (from pesticides and herbicides) have all found their way into our oceans. These toxins are absorbed by small organisms and accumulate in the bodies of the fish further up the food chain, which are often used to make fish oil.

By using farmed algae, our omega 3 avoids these pollutants altogether.